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100% Pure Natural Latex Pillow

68.00 Incl. VAT

100% Pure Natural Latex Pillow

(8 customer reviews)

68.00 Incl. VAT

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100% Pure Natural Latex Pillow

SOFT LATEX cuddling your head and neck

CONTOUR PILLOWS suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers

GOOD ELASTICITY giving efficient support for your spine and head

AIR HOLES honeycombed to keep fresh air circulating

8 reviews for 100% Pure Natural Latex Pillow

  1. super!@yi

    After many months of neck pain at night and trying various pillows, I bought this Latex pillow and my problem has been solved overnight!

  2. lailai

    Really comfortable, helped neck pain and I’m sleeping better.

  3. mad

    Love it, I aways fee too high or too low for the pillows, but this is perfect!

  4. iluforever

    The best pillow ever!

  5. 7676hhihi

    Very convenient

  6. iiLLLpity

    Great product, beautifully packaged. Came with the pillowcase, which I love. Very comfortable too. I am really pleased with it.

  7. 000z

    So good even my husband approves.?

  8. kzone

    Brilliant pillow! Arrived very swiftly and packing was excellent. It is very comfortable and soft. Would recommend!!!

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