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Chinese Herb Moxibustion Waistband

17.99 Incl. VAT

Chinese Herb Moxibustion Waistband

17.99 Incl. VAT

Contains dried herb for moxibustion. The belt will heat up when switched on.

The product will automatically adjust the energy consumption according to the human body temperature change.

The product is produced specially with the upscale material, heat-warm and comfortable, without allergy or the discomfort on the skin and other side-effects.

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Chinese Herb Moxibustion Waistband

This is a heat-warm healthcare product that suits people who suffer from:

  • Arthritis,
  • Sore in waist and legs,
  • Stomachache,
  • Waist/back pain
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Obesity

The waistband can continuously provide infrared rays impulse energy for your local body to maintain permanently heat-warm and comfort for your body, and to tone up the ability to withstand cold.


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