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Cupping Massage Therapy Set with Vacuum Pump

24.89 Incl. VAT

Cupping Massage Therapy Set with Vacuum Pump

(33 customer reviews)

24.89 Incl. VAT

This cupping massage set contains

  • 24 cups in different sizes
  • 1 connection pipe
  • 1 air pump

Same quality, different package, random dispatch.

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Cupping Massage Therapy Set with Vacuum Pump


Integrated modern technology with traditional treatment method from ancient China, this 12 cups massage set is equipped with a suction pump to create vacuum environment inside the cups. Compared to traditional fire method, this modern massage cup set is easier and safer for the non-professionals.


This strong and reliable cupping set includes an air pump, a connection tube, and 24 cups in different sizes. It is suitable to use all over the body. User instruction and acupressure tips are included.


Cups are made of lightweight, durable plastic that resists breakage. They are transparent inside so that you can see the progression inside the cup and have full control of the process. This will help you optimise the massage time based on your own condition.


The simplified cupping procedure makes it safer to DIY anytime at home. Without the use of fire there is no danger of burning your skin. The negative pressure within the cupping set can be tailored to each patient’s condition by adjusting through the air pump.


Cupping therapy can relief tissue deep inside the body, relax tensed muscles and ease stiffness. It is effective to relief chronic back and neck pain, migraines and rheumatism. Cupping therapy is also suitable for fast paced office workers to reduce fatigue.

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Dimensions 43 × 29 × 9 cm

33 reviews for Cupping Massage Therapy Set with Vacuum Pump

  1. Brendan D. (verified owner)

    Arrived is super quick time 🙌

  2. Claire Nolan (verified owner)

  3. Sharon B. (verified owner)

    excellent product, fast shipment, great service

  4. Laura (verified owner)

    Really fast delivery, and the customer service was very helpful, the cuppings are working perfectly, I will order again with JPS

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Pamela (verified owner)

    Excellent service, received order in 1 day

  7. FARASAT (verified owner)

  8. Sandra (verified owner)

    As described. Arrived quickly

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    5 Star product and service!

  10. Johnny

    My arms are slim. if I juse the small cup it can’t cover up all the spots, but if I use the large cups the pump couldn’t create suction because there are gaps between my arms and the edge of the cup.

  11. RitaW1

    Very good

  12. Samantha

    Not as cheap-looking as I thought it would be. Was the first time shopping on this website and will continue purchase.

  13. Sarah


  14. Kim

    it could effectively ease my back pain. My husband is now my personal massagist!

  15. Oscepp

    Nice cups! Very useful!

  16. TTXXT

    Feels like this cupping set could last a long time.

  17. Sthodgh

    Great cup sets for massage.

  18. wofhdfxoxo

    Very fast delivery, recommended.

  19. MickDwyer

    Highly recommended! Great relax!

  20. TCMStore

    This product has great suction.

  21. SportClub1

    The cups work well and I can control the sensitivity of the pump easily.

  22. Whitebox01

    This helped me loosen my muscles after workout.

  23. MarinaKupirtat

    Worth trying if you have never experienced cupping therapy. Easy to use and good price.

  24. AzisL

    Gift for my mom and now she uses this for cupping therapy on her legs very often.

  25. Boshi

    Bought 10 for my massage store. Contacted the service team for a wholesaler discount (They provide this if you order the same product over 10. Thought it might be useful to share that in my comment) Good product. Worth the money.

  26. Taharih

    the oil in the package was good for massaging. Hope it could be a bigger bottle.

  27. JT49

    Bought for dad and he received that in 1 day’s time. Fast delivery. Happy purchase.

  28. Ashwag

    good product.

  29. VarunSU

    Easy to use, with an English manual.

  30. Joe

    Excellent product to relief muscle pain.

  31. Siquan

    I used to do this cupping therapy a lot in China. But the vacuum of those cups are created by fire burning inside the cups. This one is much safer and easier to operate at home.

  32. Peter

    Pretty comprehensive set for those who want to start their cupping therapy. You got almost all sizes you need in those 12 cups.

  33. Mary

    Don¡¯t know if I used it right or not. It didn’t leave any marks on my arms.

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