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Space-Saving Storage Products Wholesale

Gap Storage Shelf

This shelf fits in to any gaps in your house/apartment. Taking advantage of its slim body, this shelf works extremely well in small space. 3 tiers and 4 tiers option available in white, blue & green.

3 Tier Storage Cart

Simple and minimalised design as the raskog cart you can find at IKEA. In fact, they are from the same manufacturer so you don't need to worry about its quality. This one has more colour options and lower price.

Rotating Cosmetics Organiser

Rotating cosmetics organiser helps you save 2/3 of your table space. No need to pull out the drawers for your favourite cosmetics, everything is clearly shown on this rotating shelf now. Also available in thick upgraded version.

Gap Storage Slide-Out Shelf in 3/4 Tiers

This gap storage shelf can be used beside fridge for your snacks/beverage. It fits in all decoration style easily. Two wheels at the bottom make this shelf easy to slide-out.

3 Tier Storage Cart

Same as the one you can get from IKEA, this one has a handle on top and a 4-direction wheel for easy moving. You can choose from different colours.

Rotating Cosmetics Organiser

You can adjust the height of each layer as needed for your large bottles or small palettes. By one simple spin, the things you want will be at your hand.

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