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Beautiful lily of the valley shape lampshade. Marble stone base for its stability. No fire & no more need for a lighter, this lamp will melt your scented candle with its light. Fast and convenient, simply switch on the light to enjoy. Easy to adjust: you can change the light strength for..
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Outdoor String LED Lights Bright Colour 10 Meters A set of 100 LED Bright Indoor & Outdoor String Lights. Length: 10 meter Powered by EU standard plug Customise Length: Combine as many string lights as you want for trees, gardens or house exteriors. Waterproof Safety: Safe for outdo..
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Silicone Night Light of Little Monster Safe Material: BPA-free silicone. safe, soft, good to use for everyone. Cuteness Is Important: Adorable little monster appearance, choose from 4 colours and facial expressions. One of the cutest night light. Touch Control: Pat the little monster's he..
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USB LED Sensor Bar Light USB Charging 10 LED Bulb White light Magnetic sticker on wall 0.8W, 1A, 1.8V Sensor angle: 120° Delay time: 15s..
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[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]   Sensor Controlled: During night time, the light will turn on automatically if human temperature & move detected. Light will turn off automatically if no motion detected wit..
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