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Protects your clothes by trapping loose dye and dirt from the water. Larger size - can protect more clothes at the same time Direction of usage: please put together with your clothes into laundry machine. Put 2 sheets if necessary. 30 pieces in clear OPP bag, each piece size 11*28cm..
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Collapsible Laundry Hamper Bag in Black And White Size: Width 60* Height 60* Thickness 39cm (each side's bag size: 30*60*39cm) Colour: Black/White Strong and durable shelf with collapsible design Pockets design at the back of the bag for small items Hook-and-loop fastener for a easy l..
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Easy to grip for the plastic handle; You can easily hang them on your bathroom hooks with the handle. Soft bristles easily scrub away mildew, grime and soap scum,won't leave scratch on the surface. Ideal for home bathroom or laundry room use to clean clothes, shoes, trousers, etc. Household..
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