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100% Pure Natural Latex Pillow SOFT LATEX cuddling your head and neck CONTOUR PILLOWS suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers GOOD ELASTICITY giving efficient support for your spine and head AIR HOLES honeycombed to keep fresh air circulating..
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MULTIPLE USE Ideal for TV or reading evenings on the sofa The blanket can be quickly packed away Can be used as a bedsheet or summer quilt Size:200*230cm One piece..
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Long Cushion for Bed Size:147*47*18(cm); Cotton removable cover. Soft filling. Great for home use for bed and sofa. Good for hotel use. Provide firm support while leaning. Protect your spine and neck. Choose from 4 colours...
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U-shaped Maternity Pregnancy Pillow Compared to other pregnancy pillow on the market, this U-shape maternity pregnancy pillow has maximum size with high quality memory foam and filling. Designed to meet ergonomics standards, this pregnancy pillow holds the body like a gentle hand. It works extremel..
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