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Household Cleaning Supplies

Material: PSM corn Size: 22cm x 42cm Package Included: 5 rolls of 20 bags (100 bags total) Color: Pink Note: 1. Please allow 0-2cm errors due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding...
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Protects your clothes by trapping loose dye and dirt from the water. Larger size - can protect more clothes at the same time Direction of usage: please put together with your clothes into laundry machine. Put 2 sheets if necessary. 30 pieces in clear OPP bag, each piece size 11*28cm..
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With a hook, convenient to hang. Material: Calcium chloride, safe and non-toxic. Function: dehumidity, anti-humid, anti-mold. Indoor use: bedroom, wardrobe, closet, kitchen and other enclosed spaces. Include 5 Pcs and random bag pattern...
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Enhance the skin's natural pH Effectively remove dirt and germs Kills 99.9% of bacteria..
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Clean & Fresh Toilet Cleaner 750ml Forest Fresh Pine Cleans and protects your toilet for a sparkling finish Clings to the surface for longer protection Leaves a fresh fragrance of forest fresh pine..
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The kit includes 1 extended brush handle, 1 storage caddy and 10 replaceable sponge brush heads for convenience. To avoid clogging the toilet, it is recommended to throw a refill in the trash bin after use. Upgraded wand handle with stronger, ABS material integrated moulding design and easy-to..
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Warning: This item has very strong magnet inside. Please make sure that you always put protector in the middle before you put two pieces close to each other. Please also make sure not to put your fingers in the middle to avoid being clamped. Wrong way of usage can cause danger. Do not give this tool..
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Drawstring Bin Bags Pack of 2 Rolls Each roll contains 30+1 bags. Altogether 62 bags. Colour: Black Material: POF Size: 45*50cm Thickness: 0.013mm Anti-piercing super strong material...
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Fairy Fabric Conditioner Original 550ml (22 Wash) Dermatologically tested Use Fairy fabric softener with Fairy Non Bio laundry detergent for even softer results..
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Fairy Non Bio Pods 36 Wash Child lock system 3 in 1 easy laundry wash No.1 Laundry Brand for sensitive skin Multi-compartment design that releases each ingredient at the right time..
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Reusable Cleaning Dish Cloth in Roll 150 Pieces with Free Stand (3 Rolls) Size each piece: 25cm*25cm 50 pieces each roll, total 150 pieces Material: Pulp+PET Reusable, to be used wet/dry with a free dish cloth roll holder Colour: White..
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Safe & high quality material – Made from wheat straw & synthetic plastic. Zero toxic and safe to use. Unique design, save more space – The colander is in flat shape so it can also be used as a dish drainer. This drainer can be stretched to have larger capacity. Quick drain & convenient storage..
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