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Lovely Cartoon bunny kitchen timer with Magnet. Can be used as Magnetic Fridge Magnet Decor Refrigerator Magnets StickerThe timer goes up to 60 minutes. Mechanical, not need batteries.To set time, first turn clockwise to the max 55-60 minutes to supply enough mechanical clockwork power, And then tur..
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Large screen, Oversized number Black and large LED digital display, strong color contrast, clearer, and oversized numbers, allowing you to read the digits more clearly. Reduce the burden on the eyes. Magnetic timer, powerful magnets on the back and with a non-slip design for placement on any iron..
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Disposable PVC Vinyl / Latex Gloves in Size M, L 100 Pieces per box..
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BPA Free and Food Grade -- Our food storage containers are made of premium food grade plastic materials, BPA Free, no smell, use securely. These durable containers have a longer life than many other brands plastic containers. Premium Design -- This storage containers are airtight, leak, and spill..
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Easy to press silicone ice tray with plastic lid A combination of plastic & silicone material - Strong to hold water yet easy to press out the ice. Higher edge - less spillage Lid - hygiene and easy to stack up the ice trays. Size 24.5*10.2cm. 1 ice tray can make 12 ice cubes...
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Small deodorizing and antibacterial machine for the refrigerator. Thanks to its antibacterial capacity, it improves the duration of food in good condition. It incorporates an 800 mAh battery that offers a range of up to 5 days, with a full charge time of 2 hours. It is not only valid for the refrige..
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★【Extendable & Tidy】The length of the microwave shelf is adjustable from 43-65 cm. The microwave rack allows you to easily store a microwave, bakers, coffee machine, small printer, fax machine or other kitchen/office appliances, making your house more clean and tidy. ★【Stable & Strong】 Made of ca..
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Size:12cm*1.5cm Wide clamping, beautiful sealing. Easy to use, durable. It can be recycled, economical and convenient. Durable, reusable and easy to use Food, snack sealing clip, avoid your food or powder from moisture and insects Convenient to use and clean. This is household n..
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Food Grade Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones 4pcs with Storage Box Size each: 2.6cm*2.6cm Weight each: 31g Inside each cubes are alcohol spirit+water as natural food-grade refrigerant. A perfect way to make your drink cold fast. Reusable and won't dilute your drink...
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[Sealed Food Storage Jar] - Made of food-grade high-quality glass, reflecting anything inside of the storage jar clearly. They seem just like being presented in front of your vision without any compartment! Combined with durable bamboo lid, creating an ideal airtight environment for every thing you ..
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Size each glove: approx. 27*15cm Prevent heat from: 100℃-120℃ Colours: blue, grey, pink, green Price of 1 pair (2 pieces - 1 left, 1 right) Nordic colour design, thick cotton with heatproof silicone pads for extra heat-prevention. High quality oven mittens that last long...
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1 Pc Oyster Knife: The blade itself is made of strong stainless steel, so you can easily open the oyster every time. Wooden Handle: The wooden handle has three strong rivets for firm connection. It is non-slip, thick, easy to grip and strong. Leather Case: Leather case that fits the blade. Pro..
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