Exploring the Enigmatic World of Baijiu: China's Legendary Spirit

Have you ever wondered about the world’s most popular spirit? While names like Vodka, Whisky, and Rum might come to mind, the true champion might surprise you. It’s none other than Chinese Baijiu. With its rich history spanning over 6000 years and annual sales exceeding 10 billion dollars, Baijiu stands as a testament to China’s enduring tradition of spirits.

Different Styles of Baijiu

Baijiu comes in various types, each classified based on its distinct flavor profiles. Among the most common types are light aroma, strong aroma, sauce aroma, and rice aroma. Light aroma baijiu lives up to its name, offering a delicate and airy profile. It tends to be dry with subtle sweetness, often accompanied by faint floral notes. This type of baijiu is perfect for leisurely sipping, especially for those who find the intense flavours of other varieties overwhelming. In contrast, the strong aroma baijiu is bold and robust. It delivers a powerful punch of flavour, characterized by overt fruity notes that are sometimes likened to pineapple and anise. Its name accurately reflects its intense aroma and taste. Sauce aroma baijiu is reminiscent of bean paste and soy sauce, hence its name. This type offers a unique savoury profile, adding depth and complexity to the baijiu experience. Rice aroma baijiu stands out as the only variety primarily distilled from rice. Its flavour profile tends to be milder compared to other types, offering a smoother and more subtle taste with a hint of rice sweetness. Each type of baijiu presents a distinct sensory experience, allowing enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the diverse flavours of this traditional Chinese liquor.

The aromas of baijiu vary depending on the ingredients used, the containers for ageing, and the duration of ageing. In the case of light versions, the blend typically consists of traditional sorghum but may also incorporate barley and peas. These ingredients contribute to the nuanced flavour profile of light aroma baijiu. The preferred ageing vessel for this type is typically constructed from stone, which imparts its subtle characteristics to the final product.

On the other hand, the strong aroma baijiu is primarily crafted from sorghum, lending it a distinctive sweet and pungent flavour. To achieve this flavour profile, the liquor is left to ferment in mud pits, where it undergoes a transformative ageing process.

In addition to the ingredients and fermentation methods, the choice of ageing containers also plays a significant role in shaping the final flavour of baijiu. While wood barrels and clay pots are commonly used, mud pits and stone vessels are also employed, each imparting unique nuances to the ageing process and ultimately influencing the character of the finished baijiu.

Baijiu is a massive industry, so of course subgroups are innovating with different aromas all the time. ‘Chi’ aroma can be infused with pork fat, as well as sesame aroma and medicine aroma. The good news if you like baijiu is that there’s so much to explore.

How to Drink Baijiu?

When it comes to enjoying baijiu, many people feel puzzled: how exactly should this liquor be savoured? Unlike many other spirits around the world, ice isn't always the go-to option. Typically, baijiu is served either neat or slightly warmed, in small glasses, often accompanied by food or during celebratory occasions.

Baijiu is not just a beverage but also a part of social gatherings. It's often consumed quickly rather than sipped slowly, as it's commonly shared among friends. However, due to the diversity of baijiu, there are many different ways people enjoy it, so you can indulge in it according to your preference.


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NLS Erguotou Baijiu Reviews

Winston : "The nose is very subtle but remains rather fruity. This baijiu does not have the powerful character of some others On the palate, with a taste going from sweet citrus fruits to apricots. "

Ethan: "The fruity fragrance with hints of citrus and fresh leather. The finish is oily, with some nice dry hints. A sympathic interaction of smells and tastes, however the baijiu is really difficult to bring out, due to all the aromas coming from the different tastes."

Antonio: "The nose has a fresh fruit fragrance and slightly spicy on the background, rather complex and dominated by a kind of sweetness. The palate is slightly marked by citrus fruit with a touch of bitterness and a hint of smoke. The finish is long and very pleasant, going through several after tastes"